Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye.

A month ago we moved back to Quincy but I definitely left a piece of my heart in Marion with some precious children that I had grown to love. A few weeks before leaving I started getting really emotional as I was processing the people and ministries I was walking away from. ReaLife was a huge part of my college life, it was such a blessing to be apart of and has changed my worldview and dreams in so many ways. Kory and I had planned on living in Marion for several years after graduating to continue to build on the relationships we had formed. God took us in an unexpected direction however in bringing us to The Crossing. The stories and faces of the kids from ReaLife and the Boys and Girls Club will always be apart of my life and drive me to continue showing Christ's love to families in similar situations.

Saying goodbye to a very special family:

My last night of ReaLife

Saying goodbye to Miss Ann was the most difficult
goodbye's aren't forever,


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