Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Needed a job: Got an amazing opportunity to work with kids at a great elementary school with a fabulous teacher.
Desperate for our own home... 2.5 months later: get great news from the bank, day 2 look at the perfect house, day 3 make offer, day 4 accept amazingly generous counter-offer and become home owners!
Need more $$: got a miracle tax refund.
We have so many reasons to praise God. He is truly ever faithful and the provider. We have been fervently praying and He has showered these blessings on us, so grateful! I don't think either of us have slept well the past two nights because we are both going crazy thinking up decorating ideas and our upcoming projects. We close April 22nd as long as everything goes smoothly with inspections and the bank, cannot wait!

our house!

giving Him the glory,


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