Sunday, October 24, 2010


Is life after school the way it seems?
Do you just get to leave work and not think about it til 8am the next day?
While I am sure my expectations of life after undergrad are completely off, I like to day dream about when I get to come home from work and just relax. Not stay up working on a paper, or even worse, do busy work just to get that A.
I like to think about when we move back and get settled I'll finally be able to join a small group I know I can commit to, become a "Big Sister" and not have to leave her every few months, and just have a normal life. We will actually get to have dinner together at night and go to bed at a regular time.
    Oh, the joys of having so many expectations and plans when I should be living in the present. That is becoming more and more difficult each time we go back to Quincy. It is automatically assumed that we hate life in Marion and just want to be there. This is not true at all. I love it here, I love it there. I love the friendships and community I have in both places. It is like we have two different worlds that we constantly go back and forth to.
   This is a beautiful season in our life that God has given us to enjoy the best of both worlds. I would have never guessed I would get to experience my sister's first semester away at school with her. Kory is loving spending time with the boys for all of their last months in Marion. We are blessed. God has prepared this windy way for us for a reason and I will embrace it.

in the moment,

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