Sunday, October 3, 2010


    It was a great weekend. Even though I was fearing for Kory's life all weekend due to him spending 32 hours in a moving vehicle in three days, it was great...and he is alive :)
             The weekend practically started Thursday with all the homecoming festivities. Its my senior year and even though I am married I still get to have fun and be a college student (best of both worlds, if ya ask me!) My "bro" Chris is on the homecoming court so Kristen, Karli and I (his 3 beloved sisters) went to support him at the coronation. 
       Then we went to the most bizarre thing that IWU does: "Homecoming Torch Run and Rally." At 8 p.m. on a Thursday night all the athletes ride on fire trucks/floats downtown where they gather for a "rally." Then at 9:30 at night they drive back, sirens, honking, throwing candy to the non-existent children who couldn't be seen anyways. That being said, we had a blast. I am just enjoying being a senior. We cheered for all the senior athletes and made fun of IWU's traditions. Then we went to the best thing at IWU...the bonfire at good ole President Smith's house. While I have never been inside --- this is on my list of things to accomplish by december -- I love hanging out in his backyard eating a caramel apple next to a ginormous fire.
Here is a throw-back pic from freshman year Homecoming:

Senior year:

still not the same as high school,

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