Saturday, April 24, 2010

where my heart is.

today my little sister is going to her senior prom. her senior pictures are finished. all thats left is graduation. Praise the Lord I will be home for that. I can't take missing anything else.
in a week my fiance will start his first ministry job at our home church. he will be experiencing something new every day.

....i will be in Marion...

i will be doing my best to love a lot of "extra grace required" kids without going insane. i'll be planning an event for a local non-profit, Project Leadership for my PR internship.

and then, i'll go home and finish planning our wedding.

I am in a season right now that is not so fun but a lot of lessons are being learned. my desire is to make this the song of my heart:
All of my life .:. In every season .:. You are still God .:. I have a reason to sing .:. I have a reason to worship.
okay. enough whining for one day. 
praying for perseverance,

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