Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've been really bad at these lately.
Constantly second guessing. Even on little things like whether I should go home with Kory this weekend for Karli's prom and my friends bachelorrette party or stay here to study and write papers since finals is next week!

But the biggest is about this summer. I had planned all year since taking a job at the Boys and Girls club on staying here in Marion by myself this summer. Originally Kory and I had planned on living in Marion for a year or two to continue ministry. When the job offer opened at the Crossing God began to change our hearts and passions. While I do LOVE these kids in Marion and absolutely still have a passion for ReaLife my heart has been very torn. Financially it is irresponsible to live on my own in Marion this summer and travel home every-other weekend or sometimes every weekend for weddings and wedding showers. I constantly fear that I will be lonely and that this is not the right path for me.

My parents recently informed me that they were going to make this decision a whole lot easier and tell me to come home.

I know the bottom line is that I need to trust God to lead me in His paths. He knows the desires of my heart but also has the best plan for me!

Leaning on HIM,


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