Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signed, sealed, delivered.

This weekend was a big weekend for Kory and I. After weeks and hours of research, we decided on our honeymoon spot & resort finally! August 9th we are headed for JAMAICA to a brand new Resort. Since deciding I have probably looked at the website twice a day. Until Jesus comes back this may be the closest we get to heaven! Here are some pics so you can share in our enthusiasm!

We also decided on an apartment for next fall! It was a difficult process to find someone willing to do a six month lease but we found two good options and prayed about where God wanted us to live for our last few months in Marion. One was in an apartment complex 8 blocks from campus and the other was in a neighborhood across the street from campus. We felt that since we have such little time left here we should live in the neighborhood to not isolate ourselves from the community. I'm so excited to meet our neighbors and transform this apartment into our home!

We also finally finished our save the dates! Yay! They are officially in the mail :)

The next few weeks will be eventful as the sprint to the end of the semester has started. This weekend we are taking 50 kids from the Club to the Switchfoot concert at IWU and I will be doing interviews there as well for my radio class!

enjoying life,

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