Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tyler Perry, Game Nights, and The Bachelor...what else could a girl ask for?

Friday night has become "date night" or at least "lets see each other night" for Kory and I this year. This past friday we went to our favorite place - Las Charreada's or better known as La Chas. Then he surprised me by renting the new Tyler Perry movie (I'm a HUGE fan) after telling me he was going to rent some action/war movie. Now, while I'm a huge supporter of his films, this was definitely not his best...just a warning, do not base your opinion off of "I can do bad all by myself" even the title is sub-par!

Saturday after a relaxing day my roommate and our girlfriends surprised my friend steph at work with an impromptu game night. We had so much fun "imagining if" Jake Pavelka, Vienna, and Umfundisi Jim Lo (our dean of chapel) were playing the game with us!

To back-track, on thursday I had off work so I spent 6 hours (yes I'm not the best with priorities at times) watching the first three episodes of this season's The Bachelor. I am hooked! I even looked up the spoilers... terrible idea! 
Monday night we got together to watch it after waiting 15 minutes so it could be Tivo'ed without commercials! This was much better than sitting on my laptop for 6 hours :)

Dear Jake, thanks for bringing girlfriends together!



  1. okay, so i love the bachelor too! who do you want to "win"???

    i like tenley and gia.

    miss you!

  2. Game night and bachelor night was wonderful!

    What great friends I have! :)