Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm going to be a pastor's wife.

As crazy as that may sound considering Kory's major is Social Work we have just accepted a position at our home church, The Crossing where Kory will be a Children's Pastor! How awesome is God? We now see why he was called to serve at Kanakuk for a summer, and why God has led both of us to be very involved in the lives of children in Marion.

This was so not part of our plan which is the best part! That is just how God works, start taking control of your life and he will sweep in and take back the reins so you don't mess up His wonderful plan.

We are looking forward to moving back home next December, [something I thought I would never say] but until then I will live in Marion working at the Boys & Girls Club and he will work in Quincy until we get married -- only 194 days!-- and then he will move to part-time until december.

Enjoying the journey!


  1. That is GREAT news! :) So excited for you guys!!!

  2. Everyone is so excited to have you guys back here! I'm still thinking that since my sister is going to be only a few hours from Karli next year, Karli and I might have to trade siblings for the next 4 years. hope that works:)